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Alright, we are getting closer!  Thanksgiving post #uuhhhh 3?  I’m losing track!  Ah!  Crap, it’s #4.  Ok… Thanksgiving Post #4. 

Rolls.  Yep.  These were my only responsibility for both Thanksgiving meals we went to.  Apparently no one wanted me to make anything else, I’m ok with it though.  And since they were all that I was in charge of, I figured I better go all out and make some damn good rolls.  And I’m 110% positive I accomplished that.

Here’s what happened, I was planning on making lots more than just rolls, but things fell through and so I just stuck with my original thought, which was to make Pioneer Woman’s Parker House Rolls.  I actually made them in the beginning of November to test them and make sure they were super delicious and met my high Thanksgiving standards and I took all these photos of them and never posted them because I got caught up in other stuff.  I was bummed, so that’s what the second photo is from, a month ago (I felt I needed to use at least one of the 8 photos I took of the rolls from earlier.  I also made a test dessert that sucked… so I never even bothered with posting that).  The first photo is from Thanksgiving. 

So I made half a batch and was quite impressed with how delicious they were (they have a lot of butter in them and I have a feeling that has a large part to do with them tasting so good).  They were extremely time consuming to make, but I figured if I didn’t work the day before Thanksgiving, I would be ok.  And so I asked for the day off.  Haha.  

Well, then one of the blogs that I follow happened to post a recipe for incredibly pretty crescent rolls and I knew I was in trouble.  Crap.  They looked really good.  What was I going to do??  I’ll tell you what I did… I made them both.  I did something scary and bold and made the crescent rolls for the first time the day before Thanksgiving.  I didn’t do any testing, I just went for it.  And I am so glad I did. 

They are both very time consuming.  You really have to devote pretty much a whole half of your day to making these things.  And while some people think that is silly and stupid; I think it’s worth it.  I mean, why wouldn’t I slave over some rolls for 4 hours and then only eat one of each the entire weekend?  The answer is quite simple.  I would. 

For those of you who have never made rolls or bread or anything like that before, it can be a daunting task.  There’s a lot of work involved: setting, mixing, rising, rolling, folding, cutting, heating, more folding, buttering, rising, folding, rolling, rising, folding, rolling, rising… and eventually… baking.  But would you like to know the best part of all of that?  The very last thing… after baking… eating.  And when you eat rolls freshly out of the oven, you will thank whoever you believe started this world a million times over for inventing flour, butter, milk and yeast and you will quite possibly be the most blissfully happy girl (or guy) in the entire world for the 30 seconds it takes you to scarf down the whole roll that is smothered with melted butter.  Yep.  See?  WORTH ALL THE WORK.  It’s like when you go to a bakery or a grocery store and get a fresh loaf of bread or muffin, or pastry or whatever and it’s hot out of the oven… only these taste better because you put so much work into them yourself.  I’m telling you, they are good.

And apparently, for those who didn’t make them, they were good too.  Everyone at both Thanksgivings seemed to thoroughly enjoy them.  I know because they told me.  And that’s quite a good feeling, knowing that somehow you pleased a good 25-30 people with your hard work.  *Sigh* if only I could make other people’s recipes and bake and cook whenever I felt like it for a living.  It sure would be nice……  But right now, I don’t see that happening, so,for now,  I’ll stick with making stuff for Brad and whoever else wants to eat it, for free.

The Parker House Rolls have a fantastic sweetness that goes well with all the salty stuff on Thanksgiving.  They also make great little mini sandwiches for leftovers.  The Crescent Rolls were exactly as she said… flaky.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as pretty as hers (I don’t want to talk about it) but the taste was all there.  Far better than the ones you buy in a can and roll out yourself… don’t get me wrong though, I love those things!

Here are the recipes.  I suggest you put the time into making them for your next gathering.  People will bow down and love you for them… maybe.  No one really bowed down to me, but they might to you. 



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